26 Jan

If you are not familiar with them then concrete wheel stops are a device which is usually fitted in a vehicle to reduce the tire load of the vehicles. In fact, they can also be used for carrying goods from one place to another, including carrying heavy loads of wooden boards. In the process they can get damaged or even break due to extreme impact or vibration. Learn more about Concrete Wheel Stops from this source. These are some of the reasons why the demand for wheel stops is always high and people find it essential to invest in them.
Generally, concrete wheel stops are made by fitting a steel ring in a steel drum. It is then covered with a layer of fire-retardant material to make it resistant to fire. The drum is fitted into a steel frame which is called as the post. This is attached to a suspension system which will contain the steel ring and the wheel stops. The suspension system can either be manually operated or can be powered electrically.
Generally these stops are used in trucks since it is easy to handle and install, but there are other models available which can be used for passenger vehicles also. However, the most common use of the concrete wheel stops is for carrying goods or luggage from one place to another. One of the advantages of using this product is that they are strong enough to carry heavy loads. If one person is using this product, they will be able to lift an average weight of about 400 pounds.
Apart from lifting loads one of the main advantages of using rubber wheel stop is that they are durable and they do not get damaged easily. In fact, since rubber wheel stops are very tough they can withstand very heavy weights since rubber stoppers are very durable. Another advantage is that since rubber wheel stops do not get damaged easily they can be reused time after time. However, if you want to clean the stopper of your concrete wheel stops then you will need to remove the oil and grease from it since dirt and grease will make the stopper slip.
Another advantage of using these products is that they can reduce your fuel expenses since using them reduces the amount of fuel you use by almost 70 percent. Since your parking facilities will not need to buy new tires for your truck since rubber wheel stops will keep the pressure on the tires thus the tires will last longer. Also since rubber wheels have a high resistance to tear you can expect that your parking facility will be getting additional revenue every year as a result of the reduced fuel costs.
On the contrary, there are disadvantages of using concrete and rubber wheel stops as well. The first disadvantage is that these products can be very expensive since you need to pay for the labor cost to install them. Watch these videos to get more info about Concrete Wheel Stops. Also since rubber wheels tend to deteriorate overtime they can incur heavy damages which will make the equipment useless after some time. If you are planning to start using this product then you should also consider whether you will use it or not. If you find out that you will, then you should install recycled tires onto it so that it will be able to work even during winter season. However, if you are not sure then you should just choose concrete wheel stops which are more beneficial to the environment. Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheel_chock.

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